TOBAM is an asset management company offering innovative investment capabilities

Formed in 2005 by Yves Choueifaty, TOBAM is independant and employee-owned.

In 2016, TOBAM celebrated its 10th anniversary and for the occasion edited a special jubilee book. Intentionally edited as an out of the box object, the book broadcasted TOBAM’s research, unique view on the markets, personalities and convictions. Please reach out to us if you wish to receive it! The pdf version is available here.

TOBAM is a research driven asset manager with over 40% of its team involved in portfolio management and research.

TOBAM’s mission is to provide rational and professional solutions to long term investors in the context of efficient (i.e. unforecastable) markets.

The Maximum Diversification® approach, tobam’s flagship investment process founded in 2006, is supported by original, patented research and a mathematical definition of diversification and provides clients with diversified core exposure, in both the equity and fixed income markets. TOBAM is one of the few asset managers in the world to have its investment process recognized and patented by international jurisdictions (US, Japan, Australia, and Canada).

In line with its mission statement and commitment to diversification, TOBAM also launched a separate activity on cryptocurrencies in 2017, that has significantly expanded over the years.


51 employees, including 44% involved in research.

We are Research-Driven



We consider diversity as an additional source of wealth for the company: we are ONE TEAM with 16 different nationalities, 14 different languages spoken, different cultures, different academic background, feeding all research topics, or new projects with a very broad spectrum of viewpoints. We consider the team’s diversity as a a critical part of how well it functions.


  • Paris
  • New York 
  • Dublin
  • Frankfurt
  • Luxembourg


The company manages over US$10 billion (as of December 2021) in Equities, Fixed Income and Multi-Asset strategies as well as Digital Assets. TOBAM also offers the tobam Maximum Diversification® Index series, a set of indices based on tobam’s original approach as well as the Diversified Benchmark Index series. TOBAM is authorised as an EU benchmark administrator and included on the ESMA benchmark register.

TOBAM is regulated by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) since June 2006 and is a SEC registered investment adviser. tobam also benefits from registration in Canada and South Korea*.

*: In Canada, TOBAM benefits from the International dealer exemption in Ontario, Québec and Alberta, and the international investment fund manager exemption in Ontario and Québec. tobam is registered as an adviser in the category of restricted portfolio manager in Ontario, Québec and Alberta. tobam is registered as a cross-border investment advisory company (the “CB IAC”) in South Korea.