diversity and out of the box culture

The team is encouraged to think “Out of the Box” in its approach to “conventional wisdom” to the greatest extent possible. As such, the team’s diversity is a critical part of how well it functions.

tobam considers diversity as an additional source of wealth and idea generation for the company, whether it be diversity in terms of professional profiles (academic background, previous jobs experience) or personal journeys (gender, nationality, travels…).

tobam is therefore committed to promote pluralism and diversity in academic background and experiences through recruitment and career development. We foster a spirit of innovation that is found in all levels of the organisation. Looking beyond the obvious, questioning norms, anticipating future changes, all whilst integrating clients’ requirements:

this is tobam’s “Out of the Box” culture.

people and well-being at work

Tobam is a company on a human scale that fosters a “one-team spirit”: we preserve a flat hierarchy and close unconstrained communication for the benefit of employees’ empowerment, flexibility, and well-being at work.

We have set up a social environment that goes beyond regulatory obligations related to benefits, health and safety. Among many initiatives, this includes a mentoring programme, professional development interviews, yoga and meditation sessions, regular get-togethers, team-building events and offsites.

As well as responsible working hours and generous levels of paid-annual leave, we also strive at making a continuous improvement of the premises to offer employees a pleasant and safe working environment.

training and career progression

We are here to support, give guidance and listen to all our staff globally from the day of their arrival, throughout their career at tobam, with a strong focus on our employees’ professional evolution.

We aim at creating equal opportunities for all staff promoting training and development of skills which can help career progression and thus contributing to our own future successes.

All employees at tobam benefit from a structured “internal” training programme, allowing them to gain a good grasp of our core expertise.

Our extensive “external” training initiative is available for all staff globally, which includes sponsorship for exam certifications.

Voices of tobam

“After completing my Master’s in Computer Science, I joined TOBAM as a Risk Officer and IT developer in Dublin.

Since the first day, the work environment has been healthy and welcoming. The team has always motivated me to give my best in my everyday tasks.

The best part on working here is that people are very knowledgeable, and they share this knowledge with the others helping them to increase their learning curve.

No matter on which seniority level you are, your inputs are always considered.”
Risk officer and IT developer
“I joined TOBAM as a quantitative analyst, straight after I graduated from ENSAE and Ecole Polytechnique in 2021.

Research is the core of all innovations at TOBAM so this is amazing to be at the centre of all new products, all clients research.

We are always invited to propose Out of The Box ideas, encouraging us to learn constantly.

This is quite refreshing”
Quantitative analyst
“I started at TOBAM in 2007 back when it was not yet called TOBAM, and it was more an investment start-up! It was very challenging as my job was a multi-task job where I learnt a lot.

I have grown with TOBAM, we started with only one strategy on one investment universe and now we have all asset classes!

there is not one month without an innovation , this is sometimes challenging, but I love it!
Middle Office Superviser