Research-driven asset management

TOBAM’s research effort is co-led by Tristan Froidure and Tatjana Puhan, who have respectively over 25 and 17 years of investment experience on researching and developing quantitative investment and trading strategies. 


The Maximum Diversification® approach and Anti-Benchmark® strategy were developed and refined in-house, and are maintained by the Research team.  Today roughly half of TOBAM’s staff is involved in research and works on a day-to-day basis to increase the theoretical foundation for the Anti-Benchmark® investment approach, developing further its implementation in many different versions and variations that have been added to our set of strategies over the last years.

Also, 100% of our research on other topics such as Sustainable Investing, Bitcoin and other crypto assets are conducted in-house and represent an important part of the research agenda. 

Notably, in the space of crypto assets we were one of the first institutional asset managers who became an expert in the field. 

TOBAM’s research journey in digital assets started in 2017 and our uninterrupted research effort in this field led to several initiaves that helped our company gain an important competitive advantage while applying robust risk management standards in the crypto ecosystem.

Research is organized around three areas (theoretical support, implementation innovation and product research).

The three main pillars of our research activities are:


Theoretical Support

  • Discover, explore and obtain a full understanding of potential new sources of risk premium
  • Although research may be technical and mathematical in nature, we strive to produce results that make common financial and economic sense, and can be intuitively explained to our investors and partners.
  • Share our knowledge with a selected audience, through our ties with leading academic institutions, leading long-term investors as well as renowned academic journals.


Implementation Innovation

Develop and refine applications for the Anti-Benchmark® investment approach and our crypto currency portfolios.


Product research & Development

Pursue innovation and new product development

TWe conisder that applying our expertise and research capabilities to our clients and prospects challenges is a crucial step in building a solid and grounded research team. On top of our three main research pillars, we hence spend a significant amount of our research efforts finding customized answers to challenging issues raised by our clients.

All researchers are required to report on an on-going basis on their progress and time spent on their assigned research projects. The research department makes recommendations to the Executive Committee on potential improvements in the implementation of investment strategies.


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