equity : anti-benchmark® strategies

TOBAM’s patented Anti-Benchmark® approach is a systematic, long-only and fully-invested strategy seeking to collect the full risk premium of an investment universe by maximizing diversification. Anti-Benchmark® strategies are constructed using the patented Maximum Diversification® approach, which has one objective: maximizing the Diversification Ratio® (DR) of a portfolio, TOBAM’s proprietary measure of diversification. 

The Anti-Benchmark® strategy is designed to create portfolios aiming to lie closer to the ex-post efficient frontier than the market cap portfolio over a market cycle. Anti-Benchmark® portfolios access the available risk premium in a risk efficient manner and intend to typically enhance performance over a market cycle vs. the benchmark via greater diversification for equity portfolios, while also reducing volatility.

TOBAM’s range of Anti-Benchmark® strategies is proposed across different asset classes (equity, fixed income and multi asset) and a wide range of investment universes.


See below the full universes of our equity Anti-Benchmark® strategies:

Strategy name Investment Universe
Regional Equities
Anti-Benchmark Canada Equity  MSCI Canada
Anti-Benchmark Euro Equity  MSCI EMU
Anti-Benchmark France Equity  MSCI France
Anti-Benchmark Japan Equity  MSCI Japan
Anti-Benchmark Korea Equity  Kospi 200
Anti-Benchmark Pac ex-Japan Equity  MSCI Pacific ex-Japan
Anti-Benchmark North America Equity  MSCI North America
Anti-Benchmark Switzerland Equity  Swiss Performance Index (SPI)
Anti-Benchmark UK Equity  MSCI UK
Anti-Benchmark US Equity  MSCI US
Global Developed & Emerging Equities
Anti-Benchmark Global Equity  MSCI World
Anti-Benchmark World Equity  MSCI World
Anti-Benchmark Emerging Markets Equity  MSCI Emerging Markets
Anti-Benchmark All Countries World Equity  MSCI AC World
Anti-Benchmark World ex USA  MSCI World ex-USA
Anti-Benchmark World ex Switzerland  MSCI World ex-Switzerland

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