Defining responsible investment principles.

TOBAM’s approach is to define responsible investment principles that can be translated into concrete steps which will be implemented gradually and enhanced over time, ideally in collaboration with its partners.  

TOBAM’s investment beliefs related to responsible investments:


Adoption of a long-term view (vs. short-term view)

In alignment with the long-term views of our investors, every initiative we take at tobam is looked at with a long-term view. Short-term gains may seem attractive but what matters is longevity (in terms of resource efficiency, responsible use of resources, human and financial capital etc.). TOBAM focuses on the long term, a notion that is at the heart of our investment philosophy and applies both on the corporate and investment level. Incorporating ESG criteria within our investment process is not intended to provide additional performance, but rather is instrumental in managing the risks and aligns well within the larger context of long-term investment.


ESG Integration enhancements:

TOBAM spends a significant amount of its time and budget researching topics around sustainable investments working on the development of pragmatic and research-based Responsible Investment integration approaches.

Our objective is to come up with rational and professional ways in which to implement further ESG integration, while not changing the nature of our Maximum Diversification® investment philosophy.


Partnership-driven (vs. purely internal)

TOBAM’s expertise is quantitative modelling. We believe our ESG approach can benefit from external initiatives and experts, notably companies and researchers dedicated to SRI analysis. TOBAM’s ESG integration approach relies on institutional investors expertise as well as ESG data providers.



Transparency is a core value of TOBAM, at the investment level (Investment process, Research, SRI policy) as well as at the corporate level in the HR management and communication to clients, partners, shareholders and employees.


Responsible Use of Influence

TOBAM believes in the benefits of actively trying to promote good practices. TOBAM uses its ownership position in companies to further its commitment to socially responsible investing on behalf of clients, and to improve corporate governance. This is applied in direct as well as collaborative engagement.