TOBAM comprised some 51 professionals, from 16 different nationalities based across financial hubs in europe, asia and north america

The Firm has developed its international efforts over time: the New York office was opened in 2013 and in 2016, the Dublin office (housing key positions such as legal, operations, portfolio management, compliance and risk, and business development) was set-up to serve as a duplicate of the Paris based headquarters. In addition to New York, Dublin and Paris, tobam developed local presence in Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Hong Kong to service clients based in Europe and Asia.

  • Collectively, tobam’s research and portfolio management professionals more than ten years of investment experience.
  • Portfolios are team-managed at TOBAM, and all portfolio managers are also in charge of research.
  • Given the importance of research in TOBAM’s investment capabilities, all portfolio managers and research professionals have impressive research backgrounds and their research activities are geared toward theoretical support or implementation innovation for the Anti-Benchmark® methodology.