TOBAM awarded US$2.1 bn in new net inflows

TOBAM awarded US$2.1bn in new net inflows across its Anti-Benchmark® strategies
By Natalie Tuck
Paris-based asset manager TOBAM has been awarded US$2.1bn in net new inflows across its Anti-Benchmark® strategies, since 1 December 2014.
Since the start of 2014 the company recorded US$2.6bn in total net inflows, which contributed to a 56 per cent increase in the firm’s assets under management in that time.
TOBAM has now crossed the US$8bn milestone of assets under management at US$8.7bn from US$2.79 billion at the end of 2012.
Since the start of 2014, allocations have come from over 20 international institutional investors spread across Europe, North America, Asia, and most recently, the Middle East – and include public and corporate pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and insurance companies.$2-1bn-in-new-net-inflows-across-its-Anti-Benchmark-strategies.php%20.php