Summer Riddles – Part 1

TOBAM celebrates this year its 10th anniversary and for the occasion has edited a jubilee book, to be released this month. We see this book as a unique opportunity to share with our clients and friends TOBAM’s DNA and our 10-year journey.

We have intentionally edited the 10-year book as an Out of the Box object and we propose to share, one feature of the book: the page numbers’ riddles.
Page numbers in the Book run from 1 to 168 and we have extracted 15 of them for your amusement:

Example: This jersey number has been retired by the San Antonio Spurs NBA Team in honor of David Robinson?
The answer is 50.

Submit your best guesses at [email protected] and the best scores will be rewarded with an “out of the box” gift:

•    Platinum

•    First missing hour in a day

•    French Blood

•    Left-hand column bottom up

•    Number of employees at TOBAM as at 31/12/2015

•    100 more steps than Hitchcock’s

•    ZX

•    First prime number sum of three consecutive prime numbers

•    The Power Of Love

•    Don’t Leave Me This Way

•    Pump Up The Volume

•    Card ({Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey})

•    Number of countries in the EU as at 31/12/2015

•    (Septante six + soixante seize ) / 2

•    Number of parts in a hair after a tetrapyloctomy is performed

If you wish to receive a copy of TOBAM’s 10-year book, please order your free copy at: [email protected] and it will be shipped to the address you provide.