TOBAM Awarded LuxFLAG ESG Label for its Full Range of Anti-Benchmark® Funds

The prestigious LuxFLAG ESG label has been granted to TOBAM’s Luxembourg-registered range of Anti-Benchmark® funds

TOBAM is proud to announce that it has been awarded the LuxFLAG ESG label to its full range of funds.
LuxFLAG independently verifies TOBAM’s incorporation of sustainable principles throughout its investment process and showcases TOBAM’s commitment to incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations. The label has been awarded across a number of strategies including Equity, Fixed Income and Multi-Asset portfolios.

Launched in May 2014 as the first European ESG label, the eligibility criteria for the ESG Label requires applicant funds to screen 100% of their invested portfolio according to one of the ESG strategies and standards recognised by LuxFLAG.

The rigorous labelling process assessed all aspects of TOBAM’s SRI policy: ESG integration (systematic carbon footprint reduction in all portfolios), proprietary exclusion policy, engagement and active ownership policy.

In alignment with the long-term views of investors, TOBAM has proactively decided to make sustainability a core value both at the investment and corporate level.

The relevance of these initiatives has been recognized by the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) assessment report this year where TOBAM obtained the highest possible score (A+) for the second year in a row, for its strategy and governance approach to responsible investing.

Yves Choueifaty, CEO of TOBAM, said: “Since the beginning, sustainable development has been central to our values. We believe that integrating ESG criteria is instrumental in managing risk and makes sense in the context of long-term investments – and we are proud to say that 100% of our Anti-Benchmark® equity, fixed income and multi-asset strategies as well as our Maximum Diversification® indices follow our SRI Policy.

“We count among our clients some of the largest institutional investors in the world and by sharing expertise and best practices, the dialogue with those long term investors has tremendously contributed to enhancing our SRI policies since 2007.“

“What matters most to us is integrating ESG as far as possible without impacting the integrity of our Maximum Diversification® approach. The recognition by the LuxFlag ESG Label is an evidence of how seriously we take this approach”.

Sachin Vankalas, Director General of LuxFLAG said: “We are pleased to announce that the range of TOBAM’s Anti-Benchmark® strategies have been granted the use of the LuxFLAG ESG label. The LuxFLAG ESG label recognizes today TOBAM’s SRI investment policy, ESG integration efforts as well as their transparency to investors, which are all key components of the eligibility criteria of the LuxFLAG ESG label.
List of funds awarded the LuxFLAG ESG label
*Anti-Benchmark All Countries World Equity
*Anti-Benchmark Canada Equity
*Anti-Benchmark Emerging Markets Equity
*Anti-Benchmark Euro Equity
*Anti-Benchmark France Equity
*Anti-Benchmark Japan Equity
*Anti-Benchmark Pac ex-Japan Equity
*Anti-Benchmark US Equity
*Anti-Benchmark World Equity

*Anti-Benchmark Global Investment Grade
*Anti-Benchmark Global High Yield

*Anti-Benchmark Multi-Asset

Note that for technical reasons, two open-ended funds have not been included in the label application. These funds however implement the exact same process and SRI policies as the ones that have been awarded the label.