Welcome to the new beneficiary of TOBAM’s Youth Sponsoring Initiative




TOBAM initiated the Youth Sponsoring Project in 2014, as a sponsorship effort to support the endeavours of young individuals to excel, to challenge their own limits and develop skills unusual for athletes or students their age.


TOBAM has been the proud sponsor of Justin Bécret since 2017, one of the most promising surfers of his generation.


We are really proud to introduce a new beneficiary of the Initiative, Aurélia Boulanger, a very talented young triathlete.


Aurélia just graduated as an engineer, specialized in urban planning and sustainable buildings.

She started her triathlete career in 2018, and became the winner of the 2019 French long distance triathlon.


TOBAM is proud to support a female athlete, in a sport that is less prone to media attention but requires an absolute dedication and commitment to trainings and competition.


Her objective this year is to qualify for the Triathlon 70.3 World Championship, due to be held on December 2022 in New Zealand. This “half-Ironman” is a long-distance triathlon race consisting of 1.9km swim (1.2 mile), 90km bike (56 miles), and 21.1km run (13.1 miles) !


Aurélia’s dedication to her sport, trainings and objectives sets a high example for all of us. We are happy to support Aurélia for her future endeavours especially after a difficult year where all official competitions were cancelled.

Good Luck Aurélia!