TOBAM boards over US$2bn in new assets in the last three months

TOBAM boards over US$2 billion in new assets in the last three months and crosses the US$8 billion milestone at US$8.7 billion
Company increases AUM by over 50% since start of 2014, reflecting the growing popularity of its smart beta strategy

Paris, 2nd March, 2015 – TOBAM, the Paris-based asset manager, has been awarded US$2.1 billion in net new inflows across its Anti-Benchmark® strategies, since December 1, 2014.
In all, the company has recorded total net inflows of US$2.6 billion since the start of 2014, which marks a 56% increase in the firm’s assets under management in that time. TOBAM has now crossed the US$8 billion milestone of assets under management at US$8.7 billion from US$2.79 billion at the end of 2012.

Since the start of 2014, allocations have come from over 20 international institutional investors spread across Europe, North America, Asia, and most recently, the Middle East – and include public and corporate pension funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and insurance companies.

The recent institutional allocations are spread across TOBAM’s Anti-Benchmark® strategies. In all, TOBAM’s Anti-Benchmark® range is currently applied across 16 different strategies, 14 of which outperformed their respective benchmarks in 2014 – including the recently launched Anti-Benchmark US Credit strategy. During this period, all of TOBAM’s Anti-Benchmark® equity strategies reduced risk versus their respective benchmarks. This overall performance was particularly noticeable given it came in a market that resulted in good performance across most benchmarks.

A pioneer of the smart beta investment industry, TOBAM has been running its unique quantitative investment approach since 2006. Its patented Anti-Benchmark® strategy, founded by Yves Choueifaty, maximizes diversification while simultaneously avoiding the concentration of risk found in traditional market-cap weighted benchmarks.

Yves Choueifaty, President of TOBAM commented: “The last 12 months have been pivotal for TOBAM and we fully expect to continue this growth. Our Anti-Benchmark® strategies are attracting more and more attention and interest from the world’s leading institutional investors. Investors are now acutely aware of the investment benefits, track record, and innovative dimension of our Maximum Diversification® approach and, importantly, the way in which it differentiates itself from the broader ‘smart beta’ investment approach.”